Ron Kelly on Twitter??

Hi all!

I knew that title would grab your attention 🙂

I may have deceived you a bit.. because he doesn’t have an account yet. But, my siblings and I think he should!

Before I explain why he should, here are 3 things you need to know about him:

1. He has extreme difficulty with all technology.

Have I mentioned my parents don’t own a debit card? When Em moved down here, Dad said, “Now, you’re going to have to help her at the bank. She only has that card – a debit – is that good enough for that machine?” Yes, Dad, a debit is “good enough” for an ATM. (Seriously, folks, I can’t make this stuff up!)

2. He has no sweet clue how Twitter works.

3. He doesn’t think he’s funny.

My siblings and I wholeheartedly disagree with the above statement. We told him that he could even tweet “Hi there!” and it would be the most hilarious thing ever to us.

So, if you agree that dad would send shockwaves through this country, show your support below. Who knows? Maybe when he sees he has a following, he’ll join. Crazier things have happened! Like, Em not running over a person or an animal. (Oops, scratch that. RIP, little bird.)

Until next time 🙂

(P.S. Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!)


Rice Krispies and I Don’t Get Along.

Hi everyone!

You guys still with me?

I know it’s been over 2 months, so let me catch you up on a few things…

First and foremost, I’m staying in Bridgewater for another year 🙂 I’ve been here almost a year and to say it’s been an experience would be an understatement. It’s been a huge learning curve, but I’m so thankful I accepted this call to Bridgewater! Don’t get me wrong, it’s not without its challenges, but it’s been a rewarding and exciting experience – and, definitely where I’m supposed to be right now.

Second, yes, I’m still working through my emotions on the whole “Lakers having the highest salary cap and not making it past the first round of playoffs” thing. If only I could have a chat with the Lakers GM and tell him what I really think of Dwight “cry me a river” Howard and Pau “oops, I forget how to play basketball” Gasol. Until then, I will keep saving my money for the road trip to Boston that my brother and I are going on next year to see my boyfriend.. ahem.. I mean, Kobe.

Third, I’ve concluded that the kitchen at my new place doesn’t promote a good cooking atmosphere. Seriously, that’s the only explanation I can come up with. Here’s what I’ve learned most recently:

– It’s easy to confuse nutmeg and cumin when you can’t smell. Oh, and cumin tastes awful in pancakes.

– Multigrain Cheerios with chicken broth are absolutely disgusting. (Have I mentioned that when I take my sleeping pills, I’m usually groggy the next morning?)

– Rice Krispie squares are my nemesis. Seriously, I will NEVER attempt to make these again. I know many of you think I’m dramatic (and you may have a point), but I’m being 100% honest when I say: I wanted to punch my hand through the wall several times when I was attempting to make these.

Fourth, I officially have a roommate for the next 3 months – my youngest sister got a job in Bridgewater! I guarantee we’ll have some stories to share, probably starting with the fact that my apartment is the size of a walk-in closet so we might be getting bunk beds. No joke.

Oh, Town of Bridgewater, I’m not sure you’re ready for the Kelly sisters… let the adventures begin!!

Life Lessons

Hi everyone!

Just like the title of Eminem’s hit song…… I’m back! ** It’s been a LONG time since I last posted so I hope some of you are still with me. Things have been busy here in Bridgewater and I got out of the routine of blogging (that is, if you can call 8 posts a routine).

Anyway, while I was deciding what to blog about, a mini fire broke out in my apartment, and that’s what gave me the idea for this post.

So, I present to you… 10 recent life lessons!

10. Open mitts are extremely flammable.

9.  You can’t bring a Purolator slip to a UPS store and expect to get your parcel.

8. Phoebe from “Friends” was wrong when she said having a cold makes one’s voice “sexy”.

7. Tylenol Flu Nighttime can make you do funny things. Yes, there’s another eliptical-esque story here).

6. Wearing readers can lead to the nickname, “Bubbles” (from Trailer Park Boys).

5. 2 car air fresheners is overkill.

4. Ladybugs are my nemesis.

3. Shamrock shakes are minty deliciousness.

2. I’m not a professional hairdresser.

1. I should stop telling people that Gavin (my nephew) is my child.

I know this was short, but it’s all I got right now.

Until next time 🙂

** I realize that quoting Eminem is a personal low.

Fallen World.

Hi all,

Yesterday was quite the day here in Bridgewater.. one of the elementary/high schools was on lockdown. For a while, nobody seemed to know what was going on. Was it a gun threat? Was it a stabbing? Was the person in the school? Was it a threat down the street and the lockdown was a precaution? There were lots of stories, but nobody seemed to have the truth. The most interesting part, though, was people’s reactions in the midst of this confusion. Some were scared, some cried, and some didn’t seem fazed by it.

** Before I continue, I want to say that the students and teachers are safe – Praise God! **

My initial reaction of fear was such a contrast to what I was witnessing from other, so it was rather confusing for me. The more I thought about it, though, the less shocked I became. The reality is: we live in a fallen world. There’s sin, war, death, and evil, so why am I surprised to see these things happening in our schools?

Shortly after 9/11, Anne Graham Lotz (daughter of Billy Graham) sat down with CBS’ The Early Show and discussed the question, “Where is God?” She spoke with such truth, so I want to share her words with you now:

Interviewer: I’ve heard people say, both those who are religious and those who are not, if God is good, how could God let this happen?

Anne Graham Lotz: I say God is angry when he sees something like this. For several years now, we’ve shaken our fist at God and said, “God, we want you out of our schools, our government, our business – we want you out of our marketplace.” And God, who is a gentleman, has just quietly backed out of our national and political life, thus removing his hand of blessing and protection.

That’s the truth, folks.

After the terrible shooting in Connecticut a month ago, FOX’ Mike Huckabee made a powerful statement, listen to his words:

It’s sad to see what our world has become. Yes, there’s light, but there’s also darkness. I guess my question is this, how will something like 9/11, the shooting in Connecticut, or a school lockdown change us? In the very least, it’ll hopefully cause leaders to re-evaluate policies and procedures, but is that enough? I say, no. Education is great, but without the truth – the truth of Jesus Christ – will anything really change? Again, I say, no.

Until next time..

The Simple Life: Kelly Edition

Hi all!

Happy New Year!

Today’s post is exactly what this blog is all about – the random thoughts, funny stories, and wonders of God that fill my head each day.

So, let’s begin..

1. Autocorrect.

I recently upgraded from my Blackberry to an iPhone*, and let me tell you, I have a love-hate relationship with autocorrect. It does help me more than it hinders me, but when it gets it wrong, it REALLY gets it wrong. Here are a few examples:

Em: “What else do you guys want? Dad’s at the grocery store”

Me: “I don’t honk anything”

Em: “So yes for waffles or no?”

Me: “Yes”

Em: “Ok, we’ll see how they turn out..”

Me: “Baboons”

And the worst one…

Scotty: “Do you guys have any ideas of what I can get mom? I’m heading to the mall soon and have no idea”

Me: “Maybe some thongs to wear to work, like dressy thongs”

Scotty: “Please tell me that means things”

Me: “Oh my haha, yea I put things”

Scotty: “Oh my”

… the moral of this story? Don’t assume autocorrect will correct it properly because sometimes it can be VERY wrong.


2. Larry.

I’ve talked about Larry once before, but in case you forgot, Larry is my 2003 Kia Rio. He was named after the cucumber in VeggieTales because he’s green and he has quite the personality. Ever since we moved to Bridgewater, Larry’s been lashing out at me. (I think he’s homesick.) His latest temper tantrum includes the outside handle on the driver’s door being broken. For the past 2 weeks, whenever I want to drive somewhere I have to do the following:

– Open the passenger door on the driver’s side

– Lean in and open the driver’s door

– Push the door open

– Catch the door before the wind closes it shut

… to say I’m frustrated with Larry is an understatement.


3. Recent cooking failures.

Confession time… I used to be a terrible cook. My cooking skills have actually only improved in the last few years. Don’t get me wrong, I still have “recipe casualties”, but none that rival the time I misread the blueberry muffin recipe and put in 6 cups of milk. True story.

So, I invited someone over for tea the other day so I thought I’d try this new recipe, “roasted pear and chocolate chunk scones”. To say they were a disaster is, again, an understatement. Here are just a few of my mistakes:

– I roasted the pears, but then didn’t have the patience to wait for them to cool so I put them in the freezer while steaming hot. And then, I didn’t leave them in the freezer long enough, so went I went to stir them into the scones, the pears turned to mush.

– I misread the recipe and instead of using milk chocolate, I used unsweetened chocolate.

– When the timer went after 30 minutes, I went to take the scones out, only to realize I forgot to turn the oven on.

– When the oven was finally preheated, I put the scones in, only to forget to set the timer. Yes, they were burnt.


… instead of tea and homemade scones, we had tea and store-bought scones.


4. Storm stayed.

Over the holidays, a few of my siblings and I got storm-stayed in St. John. Let’s be honest, St. John isn’t that exciting of a city to begin with, and when everything (and I mean everything!) shuts down because of a storm, you have to get creative in order to pass your time.

I’m not sure what people say about our family behind closed doors, but something makes me wonder if the phrase, “The Kelly’s would do that – what a simple family” gets used a lot..?

Check out the link below and you may find yourself saying just that.. and yes, I made a youtube account just so I could upload this video – that’s dedication, folks!


5. Creation.

The other morning as I was driving to work, I almost stopped to take a picture. The snow-covered field was so white, the sun was so bright, and the sky was so blue – it was a beautiful winter’s day! It reminded me of the song, “Filled With Your Glory”, so I’ll leave the chorus with you as I sign off..

“The whole earth is filled with Your glory, Lord

Angels and men adore

Creation longs for what’s in store

May You be honored and glorified

Exalted and lifted high

Here at Your feet, I lay my life”


Until next time 🙂

* It literally took me 5 minutes to figure out how to spell “iPhone”. Is there a hyphen? Is the “i” capitalized? Is the “p” capitalized? How ironic is it that my Mac computer doesn’t have any suggestions for how to spell it?


Hello all,

This week I led a “Blue Christmas Service” at the church here in Bridgewater. For those who aren’t familiar with that term, it’s essentially a service of hope. So often, we forget that this time of year isn’t happy and merry for everyone. We get caught up in the shopping, the decorating, the baking, the family gatherings, and we don’t stop and recognize that, for some people, this holiday brings hurt.

Maybe they’ve lost a loved one..

Maybe they’ve recently lost their job..

Maybe they’re struggling with health issues..

Maybe they’re far away from family and friends..

Whatever the case, this service was specifically designed with those people in mind. The reality is, even if we aren’t going through loss ourselves, we know someone who is hurting this season. When I was planning this service, I kept coming back to the phrase, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” The more I thought about it, though, I wondered.. “Is it?”

From a human perspective, even that first Christmas so many years ago wasn’t the most wonderful time of the year.

I mean, think about it..

– A teenage girl, pregnant with a child that’s not her husband’s.

– A baby born in a dirty animal stall.

– A king who killed innocent children because he wanted to hold onto power.

– A family who had to flee their home so their newborn child wouldn’t be killed.

.. and the list goes on.

From a supernatural perspective, though, it was perfect – the timing, the conception, the setting, the announcement, and the name. Every details was meticulously planned by a God that loves us more than we can ever imagine.

For that reason, I say, “It is the most wonderful time of the year!”, not because we have to be happy and cheery, but because we don’t. We can have heavy spirits, broken hearts, and deep wounds. We can feel crushed under the weight of anxiety and fear, but God, Emmanuel, comes to be with us.

For Christ is born.

Love has come.

God is with us!

Until next time 🙂

My Bucket List!

Hello all!

When I was sick, I started making a bucket list, and have continued adding to it ever since. A bucket list is essentially a canvas to write down your dreams and aspirations. Whether it’s something trivial like learning to use chopsticks or something profound like being baptized again – nothing is too big or too small for a bucket list!

Without further ado, here’s a glimpse at mine…

1. Go to Romania with Christina on a Missions Trip!

2. Go on a safari

3. See a Lakers game

4. Learn how to play guitar

5. Cut down my own Christmas tree with my machete

6. Go to South Africa

7. See a panda

8. Have a baby

9. Be baptized in living water

10. Go to LA

11. See a killer whale

12. Learn how to use chopsticks

13. Memorize the book of James

14. Take a group of youth on an overseas Missions Trip

15. Go hunting

16. Meet Joni Eareckson

17. Learn how to drive a standard

18. Try skiing again (this time without taking out the entire group and instructor)

19. Speak at a youth conference

20. Have a mini DCS reunion and end up in the Bronx again hahah

21. Do a triathlon

22. Learn Spanish

23. Become Kate Middleton’s friend (although, I’d settle for being her unborn child’s godmother)

What’s on yours…?

Until next time 🙂

340 Kilometers

340 kilometers is the distance between Bridgewater and Moncton.

340 kilometers is what separates me and my family.

340 kilometers is my least favourite number.

I miss family festivities.

I miss loves ones.

I miss home.


What cures homesickness?

An old family photo, that’s what!

Found this gem today, so thought I’d share it with you.

It puts a smile on my face, and hopefully it’ll does for you, too!

Merry Christmas from the most simple, awkward, sweat suit loving family ever 🙂



The Nature of Things: Toronto Edition

Hello all!

It’s been a while, but I’ve been busy and then out-of-town – in Toronto to be exact. Before I go any further, I have to tell you about the celebrity sighting I was fortunate enough to witness. Two words: David Suzuki. (Insert jealous gasp here.) Does the show, “The Nature of Things” ring a bell…? It should – it was only CBC’s most popular show in the 90’s! (Says the girl who grew up with no cable. Yes, we were one of those families.) To fully grasp my excitement, you have to understand that I’ve never seen a celebrity before.

Ok… confession time:

My name’s Laura and I’m a celebrity junkie. I live for any kind of award show, especially the red carpet interviews. I even print off the ballot on during Oscar awards season so I can make my own picks. It’s puzzling to my family how I can remember something like the dad’s name in “Free Willy”, but can’t remember that I ordered an elliptical. True story. I woke up the next morning to find an email from Wal-Mart that said, “Your order has been confirmed.” That’s neither here nor there, though.

The fact that I’ve never seen a celebrity has been a sore spot for many years. To be honest, I’m still not over the fact that my oldest sister saw Will Smith her first time in New York City, especially because I’ve been there way more times than her. So, when I saw David (Yes, that’s what I call him. You see, I believe if we actually had spoken that we would have been fast friends) I was over the moon because I finally had that celebrity story to share with everyone. Naturally, I went on Facebook to broadcast this news,  and that’s when I saw my cousin’s status – “just saw Steve Carell at LAX”.

The end.

What’s the moral of this story? Celebrities are overrated.**

Until next time 🙂

** Unless you’re one of Canada’s sexiest environmental activists.

98 views = PaNiC!

Hello all!

It’s been roughly 48 hours since this blog went “live”. It was a rather random, impulsive decision, but one I thought would be fun! I’ll be honest, when I saw my first post had 98 views, I panicked… I’m still not sure how long I’ll last in this blogging atmosphere (sorry, that’s a term we bloggers use), but I’ll enjoy it while it lasts!

I thought I’d share a few things that I’ve learned since moving to Bridgewater – enjoy!

1. When there’s 4 extra litres of oil in an engine, the vehicle will smoke.

2. I rely on Google Maps way too much.

3. Living alone and having no sense of smell is a balancing act – how much Febreeze do I spray? Does that garbage stink? Is something burning?

4. Not everyone gets my humor.

5. Wearing leather shorts can lead to someone calling you a “go-go” dancer.

6. Paying bills sucks. (Note to Dad: I apologize for all the times I turned up the heat and pretended not to.)

7. Kanye’s “Gold Digger” seems to be just hitting Bridgewater radio stations this week – I’ve heard it 3 times.

8. I’m beginning to think my siblings were right about about the need to follow a recipe..

9. I have really loud hiccups.

10. You never know what children are going to say during Children’s Time at church.

In all seriousness, though, I’ve been learning a lot since I moved here 5 months ago. It was a lot of big changes at once – moving to another province, getting my own place, starting a new job, paying bills, meeting new people, and the list goes on. It was actually the first job since I was sick, so it was a big deal!

I really believe I was placed in Bridgewater for a reason. I have no idea how long I’ll be here or what comes next, and that scares me… but I have faith that God will provide and guide me. I believe that we’re created for 1 reason – to bring Him glory! If we seek His will, things will fall into place – just maybe differently than we expected or anticipated. I may not have all the answers, but I do believe this much to be true!

Until next time 🙂